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I’ve been in business for about two years now, and nothing has challenged me more than becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve always been a huge fan of Brit + Co (I went to their Re:Make conference in 2016 and loved it), and when I heard they were offering a new Selfmade course for women who own a business or are starting one, I knew I had to check it out. 

Brit + Co is a creative media company that offers tons of classes that help women connect to their creative side. According to their website, they’ve made over $75 million in revenue, have over 400 million users on their website, 1.2 billion page views, and more. Those are some impressive stats, and based on their success I knew I could learn a lot from them and apply it to my business. 

When I heard they were teaming up with Office Depot to offer 200 scholarships to women from underserved communities and women of color, I decided to apply. I love the idea that they are trying to help more women start businesses.

I was so excited when I heard I got one of the 200 scholarships! I wanted to write this post to give you an honest review of my experience with Brit + Co’s Selfmade course for female entrepreneurs, in case you were thinking of signing up. I participated in their Fall 2020 class, so these details pertain to my experience there.


Selfmade is a 10-week course for current and aspiring female business owners. 


It’s structured like a 10-week MBA in running a business. They have live weekly sessions and homework focused on a specific topic in business. 

Below is a breakdown of the detailed curriculum, each week focusing on a different part of running a business. 

  • Week 1: Mindset
  • Week 2: Defining Your Idea
  • Week 3: Finance & KPIs
  • Week 4: Branding
  • Week 5: Fundraising & Legal
  • Week 6: Marketing
  • Week 7: Social Media
  • Week 8: Press
  • Week 9: Sales + Public Speaking
  • Week 10: Pitch Week + Wrap

They also offer a facebook group that you can join and preview to see if it’s a good fit for you.


During the course there are a set of business coaches from different industries that offer 1:1 coaching, group sessions, and office hours throughout the duration of the program. For the Fall 2020 program, the six coaches were:

We were allowed to jump around to different coaches office hours during the program. 

During my session in Fall 2020, we could also sign up for office hours with Brit + Co’s founder, Brit Morin.


Additionally, there are multiple live interviews with women entrepreneurs that you can tune into or watch at your leisure later on. Some of the guests speakers during my course were:



It’s hard being an entrepreneur! But there was something comforting being in a group of women that were all going through the same thing. It was nice to learn together and go through the program’s curriculum week by week. 

So far on my entrepreneurial journey I’ve been solo, it made a huge difference to have a community of support during this phase of building my business.

Additionally, I loved that Selfmade caters to working moms and women with busy lifestyles. Every week on our Zoom calls, it was normal to see moms with their kids sitting on their lap as they followed the session. It added to the “safe space” for female entrepreneurs I’ll talk about below.


For me, the coaching was one of the most valuable aspects of the program. I chose Naomi Powell as my coach for a few reasons. She has journalism experience, so since her background was similar to mine I thought she would be a good fit for me to learn from.

Secondly, she was completely self-funded in her business so I knew it would be valuable to hear her advice since I am self-funded also.

I had one 1:1 coaching session with her in the program, and it was super helpful to get advice on my business. The 1:1 session was one of the most valuable aspects of the program, but the only downside was that they booked up super fast for all of the coaches. However, there were still weekly office hours to get face time with the coaches.


When you have a business, you’re juggling multiple things and you don’t always have resources that can answer your questions about taxes, legal structure, contracts, etc. I felt much more comfortable asking questions in this group of female founders, than in a typical suit and tie business forum. 

Sometimes in male-dominated business settings you can feel like you are asking a dumb question, but this course felt like a safe space to ask any questions about starting and running a business.

Also, I had reservations about having to pitch my business to my coaching group during pitching week, but in the end it was super helpful to go through this process and I’m glad I did it. The Selfmade coursemates gave valuable feedback to improve pitches and fill in any gaps we were missing.


Besides coaching, the other part of the course I valued most was the access to experts. There was a legal breakout session in the middle of the course that answered a lot of my legal questions. I also learned from the questions other people were asking that I didn’t even think of. 

They had other experts along the way for PR, marketing, social media, etc. that were very helpful.


After going through this course, I would say this is best for women who are wanting to start a business or have recently started one and want a structured course to help them along the way. 

I’d also say that this course is great for women creatives — I haven’t seen another course that caters to creative entrepreneurs this way.

I’d estimate I dedicated about 2-3 hours per week attending sessions and group coaching calls, and at least an hour per week doing the homework. So based on my experience, I’d suggest budgeting 2-4 hours per week for watching the course sessions and doing the homework assignments.

Anyone can sign up for the course, but in my opinion, you’ll get the most out of it if you’re able to devote a good portion of the 10 weeks to the course material and activities. You’ll benefit the most this way, especially from the coaching that is included in the program because it’s only accessible during that 10-week period. 

DISCOUNT CODE + Scholarship opportunity

If you’ve read all of that, and it feels aligned for you to sign up for the course, I have an affiliate link discount code you can use to get 20% off the full course price of $1997 – that’s a discount of almost $400, as long as you sign up through this tracking link. If you sign up through one of their other 6-month or 3-month payment plans, the discount still applies as long as you checkout through this link and apply the discount code “FRIENDOFALUMNI”.

Brit + Co is holding a Big Idea Bootcamp at 10 AM PST on September 22 & 23rd, 2021. This is a good way to preview what the course is like or get started with your business idea – sign up at this link.

Additionally, they are offering full scholarships to women from underserved communities, minorities, and women of color. They are accepting applications through September 24th, 2021. You can apply here.

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