BACKGROUND Narai Spa is a Thai-based wellness spa in San Diego that focuses on balancing the mind, body and soul. It offers naturopathic treatments based on Thai healing principles and acupressure.

CONCEPT Narai Spa gets its name from Somdet Phra Narai Maharat, who was one of the royal kings of Thailand during the 1600’s. All branding had to reflect tranquillity and nature-driven ideologies of Thai healing.

SOLUTION Since there are eight treatment rooms at Narai Spa, each one has a menu that patrons can browse through and select additional treatments. The menu had to feel special just like the royal treatment guests would receive. The logo was screen printed in an earthy copper on the interior pages and embossed onto the bronze cover. A stylized leaf was chosen for the mark because of its organic quality and prevalence in Thai patterning. Farnham Display Light was chosen for the type treatment because the serifs brought an old world feel to the logo. A similar Thai leaf pattern was used on the translucent vellum interior pages of the menu to create an elegant layered effect.

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