Aliya Bora posing on the waterfront in front of Tower Bridge in London

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! My name is Aliya Bora, and I’m a seasoned creative producer with a background in video production and design. I’ve got a decade of media experience working for companies like NBC and Intuit. I’ve led creative production on shoots and integrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and live events around the world. I consider myself a storyteller at heart. With my design and broadcast journalism background, I have all the tools to tell great stories and customize them for social and marketing channels.

Whether a project is low or high budget (or algorithms change), my skillset allows me to tailor the content strategy to any platform, flexing between long, short-form, photo or video assets. I’m a hands-on creative and fully skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite & Figma. For more on my professional background check out my About Page and LinkedIn profile. Ready to collaborate on your next project? Let’s chat

Brands I’ve Worked With

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Video Projects

See below for news videos and segment production portfolio pieces. For social and marketing videos, see the above section titled “Integrated Marketing” to see videos with their respective campaigns.

Pro Writing

Click below to view video scripts, packages and segment scripts made for live TV.

Blog Posts

(Pardon the dust….this section is under construction.)

Check out blog posts I’ve written about my travels around the world.


Watercolor Designs

Color Pop Confetti Watercolor Art Print

Color Pop Confetti Watercolor Art Print

You know I love color – when I was a kid I used every crayon in the crayon box. As an adult, I’m not really that different. This time I wanted to use all the colors in my watercolor palette, and the result was this painting! It reminds me of confetti, hence the name!...

Watermelon Vibes Art Print

Watermelon Vibes Art Print

Happy Summer! We’ve just turned the corner on the summer solstice and what a crazy year it has been. Being stuck inside has given me the time to tackle a lot of creative projects, including some of my old ones. I was able to reimagine this watercolor print into a...

Rainbow Splash Design – Watercolor Art

Rainbow Splash Design – Watercolor Art

Usually I paint objects and figures in watercolor, but this time I decided to play around and make a watercolor wash. Do you remember the crayon box from kindergarten? I tried to pick a few colors to paint, but I really just like them all, so that’s how this turned...

Seahorse Life – Watercolor Art Design

Seahorse Life – Watercolor Art Design

This design is inspired by a ceramic piece I made a few years ago on a night with girlfriends! We went to one of those clay & latte places, and I painted this beautiful seahorse. I decided to try painting it in a different medium this time, and experiment with...

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