XERO Sport is a specialty snowboard and ski brand targeted towards athletic men in 25-40. They offer high performance snow apparel, sunglasses and snow gear to meet the needs of this active lifestyle.


XERO Sport gets its name from the concept of zero gravity, and plays on the idea of weightlessness when you are flying through the air on skis or a snowboard. The identity had to reflect the athleticism of the brand and be appealing to the male market.


Tungsten was the perfect typeface for a sports brand because of its strong, thick lines and condensed shapes. Bi-forming the letters added a unique twist to the identity with a custom-made lower-case “e”.

A black, white and grey color palette was selected to appeal to the target market. White letters on a black background created a bold contrast that was in line with adventurous nature of the brand.

It was important to see the brand on multiple platforms so I created a 30-second commercial that could be played during the X-games, Olympics and other snow events. For a high-performance product, the packaging had to be unique and interactive. I created a slider box for the sunglasses and laser-cut the logo out of black foam to give it an extra edge.


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